Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Friday, April 19, 2013

God gave me...

Sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather so I could get all the things ready for the arrival of my kids and being out of commission from getting my wisdom teeth out. One day it was calling for thunderstorms and all we got were a few clouds, thankfully.)

May Berry, such a baby. Growing like a bad weed and ornery as the day is long. Whenever I am working on something else and not paying enough attention to her, she comes up behind me and tries to devour my pants. Lol they can't taste good. :)
Wild Thing, or at least the awesome help I had getting him wormed, hooves trimmed and moved to his new pen. I could not have done it by myself and I think he is happy being outside and having trees to rub his horns on. Now I just got to fix all the stuff he destroyed in the barn and make sure his fence stays in good shape. Lol don't want any rodeos. :)

Mrs. paws, she finally learned how to get in and out of the top of the barn and navigate the ladder. I'm sure glad cuz now I don't have to carry water up there every day. We might end up with kittens though, as she is the only cat I don't have fixed. :$

My babies, you are not the babies any longer. You are growing up. Too fast.

OK May Berry you are a spoiled rotten brat. Lol what can I say, I'm a sucker.

Buds and growing things to remind me that there is so much beauty and wonder on the midst of this crazy, busy life if you pause to notice it. It's love, his love.

Reggie, don't tell anyone how soft I am when it comes to you. Lol. You are doing an awesome job of keeping the rodent population under control. Thanks a million.

Hay, good stuff at least according to the kids.

Charlotte Ann, I can't believe that you are going to be a mom already. Say what?? You think this picture makes you look fat?? Lol you are supposed to silly you are due any day. Just do me a favor and wait till I am around to help if you need it. You first time moms make me nervous.

Yes, I see you Pudding. Yes, I love you. No, I did not forget you were there. Yes, you are in my way. Lol.
My first set of triplets!!!

Yes, Buttons they are your's but I am taking care of them, so that makes me a new mom too. :)

All billies so they have to be sold.

The boy says we should call them the three Billy goats gruff. ;)

Grace, your not fat your just... um....inflated. lol
This picture is kinda like a whoopie pie all the filling is oozing out the middle. Lol be patient Sweet Pea it won't be long now.

Minney, bless you my dear you are not so mini these days but, this too shall pass.
Please be a doeling or two. :)

Sun kisses, baby bleats, bottles, fresh milk ah I can ask no better life.

I just work hard and wait for the day it pays the bills so I can do what I love, where I love to be, where I can sing as loud and as long as I like to my heart's content.

Lastly but definitely not least an answer to prayer. One that I have repeated many times in exhaustion, frustration and desperation. A helper, someone to depend on. I just didn't know I'd have to learn how to ASK for help when it came. Rather humbling but wonderful. :) Barn mucked out= check, Truck problem=pinpointed, Billy goat=subdued. God is good.

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