Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Friday, December 4, 2015

What thy hand finds to do, do it with thy might.

I once dated a man, with whom I was afraid to hold hands. Not because I was shy but because I knew my hands were rough and callused instead of soft and smooth. I was looking at the scars and marks on my hands the other day. I am no longer embarrassed by their roughness, because I know the stories behind it. I look at the marks and I see the long days in the field and nights where I didn't get enough sleep. I see a steady hand on the steering wheel, gentleness to teach a goat kid to suck, and pat a babies back, and strength to pull ropes tight and hold boards in place to nail. I see fingernails that will never be manicured because they need to be short so I don't nick a vegetable, scratch a cows teat, or catch on equipment and get ripped off. I see places where I have scars from accidentally cutting myself when I intended to cut a plant stem, and I know I learned the hard way that a sharp knife is less dangerous than a dull one. I feel the bumpy ridge where the bones knit themselves back together when I got wrapped up in the collar chain of a cow I was determined to be more stubborn than even though she weighed at least 8 times more than me. I remember that day like it was yesterday and almost laugh at myself for not realizing how badly I was bleeding till I saw the look on my friend's face when he saw it. I feel the stiffness in my knuckles on the frosty mornings, ruefully reminding me of all the times I should have worn gloves and didn't. My trigger finger goes numb when I hunt, taking me back to a summer day in the blueberry patch when I tried to "fix" my flip-flop and folded the knife up on my finger. The wounds have healed and the scars faded. I currently have "reminders" that I am learning to respect the wood stove and the stacks of firewood that I need to keep the house cozy. 
I look at my hands once again and see that God put in me strength and willingness for the tasks that lie ahead, may I do them with my might.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Listen to the waves of the ocean...

This same Jesus who walked the sea of Galilee and stilled the raging storm with 3 simple words...still controls the might ocean.
From frothy angry waves to gentle lapping kisses along the shore...what a beautiful illustration of his Grace. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Settling in at Somerset.

So here I am. It has been a very fast -paced two months working and living at somerset farm. I am excited about all the new things I am learning and experiencing. Every day I choose to be brave, to pull myself up by my bootstraps and face whatever comes my way. Sometimes I feel invincible other times I feel incredibly small, but mostly I feel happy. It is a good feeling when you know you are following God's plan for your life. Exciting, a little scary and blessed: knowing that tomorrow when I get out of bed he goes before and prepares the way! Where God leads he provides! Blessings!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Challenging my palate

Here at Somerset Farm I am reaping the benefits of the 'seconds'. Vegetables  that have a blemish or leftovers from market. In addition to the vast array of veggies I already love, I have discovered radicchio, napa (a kind of cabbage), bitter melons (nasty), yard long beans (that aren't a yard long neither are they beans for that matter.), and ....okra! Recipe suggestions anyone?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Wherein my entire life changes.

Those of you who still follow my sporadic blog posts may remember me vaguely mentioning seeking God's will about a change of direction in my life. In January I returned from Bolivia, leaving part of my heart there and wondering about the significance and purpose in the rest of my life. The series of events that followed shook up and emptied my vessel so to speak. All the things I had been working toward were obliterated, it hurt and I questioned what was happening. In the midst of the storm I felt God's hand and peace flooded my soul. A question that had been nagging the back of my mind came to the forefront. Go in debt to start my own farm where I can make a very small impact in people's lives or go back to school and get an education so I can ignite the passion I feel for farming in the lives of many. I asked for guidance and things began falling into place, every step was assured by that peace that passes all understanding. So here I am a few short months later living in Edenton, North Carolina on an organic produce farm on the path to pursuing a degree in agriculture education.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Graduation Isa.

You are amazing. I'm am glad that you are one of my best friends as well as my "little" brother (even though you tower over me now.) Congratulations on your graduation! Love you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pet me, Slave!

I was innocently minding my own business, sitting on Mom's porch when I realized that I was being spied upon. At first she was curious peeking her nose out to peer down at me, then deeming me insignificant she turned her back and as if to add insult to injury hung the tip of her tail down to let me know that I was beneath her in status as well as position. Suddenly the tail disappeared and my lap was commandiered as a substitute throne. Apparently she thought this useless peasant should be put to good use. "PET ME, NOW."  "As you wish my royal hineyness." (Seriously Puddin' get over yourself! ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To Marcia (aka. Mom)

OK, so I am a day late and more than a dollar short, but I want to give a big shout out to my amazing Mom for her birthday. She inspires and encourages me to not just go with the flow, but to really live and experience life. To become all that I can be, and to make a difference along the way. Most of the time I take her for granted, (she is "mom",she is always gonna be there, she has the answers, she can fix it, etc.)but recently something happened in my life that made me see her in a new light, and appreciate her more.
Over the years she has held many positions in our family: wife, mother, cook, housekeeper, teacher, referee, chauffeur, and much more. Since I now live on my own I have discovered a greater respect for all that she does for us, her family, but above all this, I have also discovered a wise and trustworthy friendship that is priceless. I love you, Mom!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Here I stand at the Crossroads...

...So much has happened in a very short amount of time. Life can change so quickly, suddenly without warning. I have not posted in a long time. I'm going to say that I took a sabbatical but, the truth of the matter is I have been very busy. Too busy to let the words form and flow from my heart to heal the hurts and soothe my rumpled thoughts. In a quick recap since my last post: Sarah and I were in a car wreck, from which she had a broken collarbone.

 I started leading a Fitness encouragement group, Fit to Farm, via facebook. I actually went on my first date in almost two years, but it didn't work out. I discovered that you can choose to love anybody but there is nothing that can compare to that soul connection, even if you have a lot in common you can't make that spark happen. I spent about a week of intense sewing creating my brother John's wife Kasie's Wedding Dress! Now I am taking a brief break before jumping into the work of the coming season.
For the month of April I am trying to focus on honing in on God's will for my life. As you may have noticed, I changed the title of the blog. This is because I no longer have goats, or cows for that matter. I want to be able to use my passion for farming to impact people, young farmers, the Bolivians, children and adults alike. I want to learn how to farm better. I feel a great burden that is lightened by the peace in my heart. It is as though God is uprooting me and shaking off the dirt, preparing me for what is coming next and sending so many confirmations in my life. Please keep me in your prayers as I research agriculture schools and prepare for this next step in my life. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mi gatito!

Katniss is just a slight bit spoiled! And just so everyone understands, katniss owns me. Lol.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bolivia: Land where I left my heart.

The pictures do not do it justice and words do not suffice. The throbbing ache of my heart and the swirling whirlwind of raw emotions disrupt the monotonous life I have returned to. I drift through my tasks as if on autopilot. The world keeps moving on around me and it all seems so self-centered. Although nothing has physically changed, when I walk around my house I feel like a stranger. I talk to acquaintances and come away wondering at the frivolous things we fill our lives with. Where did we go wrong? When did we lose our vision?  

When did we close our eyes to their needs? When did we forget that we are supposed to shine unto them? We are the city on a hill, a beacon of love and truth, arms for the broken-hearted, eyes for the blind and lost. The only grace a stranger may ever experience.
Lord, give me your heart.
Some times God speaks in a still small voice.

...To visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction...