Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Of birds and of bees.

The peeps have hatched! I traded buck service for seven Black Copper Maran chicks. As always you lose a few, but 5 are happy and healthy. I suspect two of them are roosters but time will tell. If they grow well I'd like to raise some of my own eventually. Right now they are in Mom's living room keeping Tasha entertained.

Two days ago I was hauling water across the sahara desert...Ok it was just my yard, to my poor neglected billy goat. In the time it took to set the bucket down and move his chain a few yards the air and sky above the garden filled with honeybees. They swarmed into one of the blueberry bushes. Although I have a basic knowledge of these pollinators, I wished for some enlightenment. In the far-off future I would like to have a few hives but I am far from prepared. So I advanced cautiously to snap a quick shot. They seemed to be very docile and unfazed by my presence. I don't even know of anyone around here that keeps bees...well I'll mention it to Naomi.


  1. Yes, yes get some bees! We don't have anywhere to get honey now.

    1. Doing research for now. It would be better if I was in at least a semipermanent situation before I order them as relocating bees can be difficult.