Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Up with the chickens

I switched with the morning milk maid so that I could have last evening off to sing for revival. 4 o'clock comes early especially when the guys are filling your silo till after 10. Bright eyed and bushy tailed? Not hardly. Since I was already up I went ahead and did some laundry, made some porridge and piping hot tea, fed my sourdough starter, and pickled and canned my beets.(I had cooked and put them in the jars the day before.) I glanced out the steamed up window and was like "wow! what a sunrise!" So I ran out the front walk to snap a quick shot and found it was quite nippy out. Brrrr. By 9:30 all my work was done and I felt like it should be at least afternoon. Time for a little nap. :) I'm not used to milking so many times in succession. Zzzzz.

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