Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas is coming around again.

The Christmas Cactus is going all out this year, apparently it like its new location on the kitchen window sill. A light dusting of snow is covering the yard as I type, putting me in the mood for decorating, Christmas music and baking. Last year I didn't care if the season came or went, I only did the necessary expected traditions. Really if I was banking on circumstances this would be the year to be depressed but some unseen hand of hope is keeping me positive. Soon I will drag the lights out of storage and see how many strands I have to replace. I have written my newsletter and it is now waiting to be proofed and typed. My miniature tree awaits its ornamentation on the inside porch near Ruger's kennel. I don't believe I'll use strung popcorn or cranberries though or Ruger will end up in trouble and the tree would be devoid of it's adornment. Maybe snowflakes and snowballs, we'll see. Maybe a little something in the milkhouse too! Shhh don't tell my boss, it'll be our little secret!

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