Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Silver Linings.

This Summer in North Carolina the days were filled with sunshine. At first I was thankful for every drop of golden sunlight. In the morning I would receive the dawning sun with joy, tracing it's daily path through the sky till it disappeared into the chorus of dusk, till it's morning resurrection. The days passed quickly and as I quickened my pace to match the demand of the growing season. My spirit of thanksgiving faded without my realization. You forget about the things you have every day...till they are gone. One day I woke up and the sun had disappeared. Angry clouds marched across the sky and a bitter cold wind out of the northeast bit into my skin and down to the core of my being. In that moment I did not remember the months of sunshine and blue skies. Without thought I complained. This was not my idea of a good time and I mumbled and grumble while I clumsily fumbled about my tasks with benumbed fingers and chapped hands and seems silly now because I knew the summer would not last forever. I knew the cold days of winter would eventually come. I knew that life is not all sunshine and flowers. But while I was comfortable I failed to cherish those things, even though I knew they are temporary; relative to time, as everything in this earthly life. On the same note the seemingly bad things do not last forever either. The clouds bring much needed rain to a farmer's parched fields. the storm is followed by a magnificent rainbow, reminding us of God's promise from so long ago. Some things, like stormy weather, appear to be "bad", but when we see the big picture we see the benefits it brings. and we know that behind those dark clouds the sun is shining and unseen to us there is a silver lining.

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