Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


To be honest I struggle. I struggle with being back in West Virginia. I struggle with living alone even though I am stubbornly independent. I struggle with always being the old one in my college groups. I struggle with paying my bills. I struggle with not being able to go to church because of those bills. I struggle because I know that we'll meaning people judge me even though I am doing the best I can. I struggle to keep a smile on my face. I remember being so happy, but I found out that happiness was not from being in a certain place. It stemmed from being true to my heart and the Christian values I was raised on. When I focused on me, my acheivement, my loneliness it created discontent and I would not have been happy in the best of circumstances. So in a way I am going back to my roots. I can't change alot of the situation but I can take joy from the small things. Focusing on the reason I am here and being my adventurous self regardless of what people think has made a difference. I am strong and independent, but I am also sensitive and the criticism gets to me more than you will ever see. But I smile when I remember that this is not their journey. They have made their choices I have to make mine.

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