Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

931= my first ER visit.

I was just minding my own business.
Saturday afternoon, milking my cows.
I put the milker on the culprit above. I turned to leave the stall. (Don't let her air of innocence fool you, or the fact that she is classified as excellent and is one of Paul's favorites, pull the wool over your eyes.) Quicker than you can blink she crossed her leg in front of me and bore down, hard. Let me just say I wasn't impressed, it took my breath right out of me. When it returned I yelled long and loud. Any one who works with cows knows they weigh 7-8 times what we do and even when you divide that weight among 4 legs it still an emense load. I heard a pop as I rared back against her fatness, hoping it was just my ankle from the unexpected wrench I was giving it in a desperate attempt to free my self from her hoof. Once out of her reach, I kinda just stood there and gasped. The pain wasn't like when I sprained my ankle or when I tore ligaments in my foot. It was a shooting burning hot pain. My sister popped her head in the door. She was visiting and was kindly walking my rambunctious mutt when she heard me yell. "are you ok?" Idk not really, a cow just smashed my foot. It hurts so bad I didn't even smack her. Gimp and limp, finish milking, scared to take off my boot. Swelled and tender. Ice and ibuprofen. I'm not going to 
the ER. I'll wait till monday and go to the doctor, maybe. Sis stayed to help gimpy all weekend. Sunday evening it got smashed 
again by now you could see the bruises and the swelling wasn't going away. Ruger wanted to be near me so bad but every time he came
close he'd bash into my foot and he don't like it when I yell. Monday mom called the doctor but they couldn't fit me in so she said we are going to the ER. By then I didn't really care I just wanted it checked. Xrays ( thank you Bro. John) lots of questions and 2 hours later the verdict was: bruised, elevation,  compression, ice, a med for the inflamation. They wrapped it up and put a shoe on it and sent me home to milk more cows! Thus ends my adventure to the hospital that I hope to never repeat.


  1. I'm not a very good patient as you can see from the piano picture.

  2. Oh my! I should check your blog more often. I never know what you could get into. Can you walk yet?
    Do not worry about the piano playing. It is good for you. :)