Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My outlook.

This is my view and what I made to console myself. Lol. The tantalizing warmth the past few days reminds me that God didn't forget us and eventually spring will come. Sitting here on the couch I have a lot of time to read think and write. (As one friend kindly pointed out.) I've even watched a few DVDs all the way through! Shocker! I'm tired of being house-bound, or rather couch-ridden. But it doesn't work well to be stubborn and push myself. Unlike a sprain where a little pushing actually helps loosen things up, it just makes it worse. To the point where I can't even do my house work without pain. So I've had to ask for help and spend a lot of time perusing seed catalogs and writing. (I do not think I am a TrueBlue writer as they choose seclusion for their works sake. I only write because of my isolation. Lol) I have been very happy to go to the barn the past few days just a change of scenery helps some. I have discovered that I do a great many things in the name of living quietly and waiting for God. I hope I learn this lesson quickly.


  1. Are you off the couch now? No posts in 2 days!

    1. Kinda not really. Sarah was here for the long as I don't drive or do sawdust it doesn't hurt too much. I still try to put it up when I come in from the barn