Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Farmers of all shapes and sizes!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Living Springs Spot

This is my new herd sire. I bought him in October from the lady I sold Sweet Pea to. She got him in a package deal with several does. She didn't want to keep a buck and asked if I wanted him before she even went to look at the does. He is very eager to do his job and do it well. Surprisingly he is gentle. I've never seen a buck that is this easy to handle, even when I've had to go in the breeding pen and mess with his does. Such a relief after last seasons nightmare. If all goes well I plan to keep him at least a few seasons.


  1. I don't know that I've met this new guy but Laura said he was gentle too. He looks a little smaller than wild thing but maybe that's because I am used to cows now.

    1. He is smaller. Still big, but I don't think he out weighs me! Lol.